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Oil & Gas Drilling String

Drill Pipe / HWDP


Our products have a number of independent intellectual property rights and proprietary Tech­nology, and through the API5DP, API 7-1, API 7G, NS-1, ISO 9001, GOST quality system certification.

  • Size: full range from 2-3/8" to 6-5/8"

  • Steel Grades: G105, S135, Z140, V150, SS95, SS105

  • Upset Type: EU, IU, IEU

  • Length: R1, R2, R3

  • Connection: API Standard, HX Double shoulder, High-torque



Provides a full range of slick spiral drill collar in AISI4145H modified steel, sour service steel HX95SS HX110SS & non-magnetic alloys HX530, HXP550.

  • Size: full range from 3-1/8" to 14"

  • Type: slick, spiral, non-magnetic, sour service

  • Length: 5, 10, 15, 30, 31 Ft

  • Connection: API Standard, HX Double shoulder, High-torque

Options for optimizing drill pipe performance

  • Hardband: Arno100XT/150XT/300XT/350XT, TCS, Duraband

  • Coating: TC2000, TC2000P, DPC, TK34, TK34P, TK34XT

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