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Mine Drilling & Blasting

​Rotary Drill Rod


Rotary drill pipe is mainly used in large diameter hole drilling in large open pit mines.

The series of drilling tools produced by our company can match the roller rigs produced at china and abroad, such as KY200, KY250 and KY310 produced by Hengyang Metallurgical Mechanical Plant; KY200B, KY250D and KY310A produced by Jiangxi Kama; Atlas Production of PV235, CDM75, CDM30, DM45, PV275, PV351, ECM695/760/780, DML series, CUBEX drilling rig, etc.


Raise Bore Drill Rod


Raise boring drill rod is designed to be compatible with individual drilling machine capabilities, as each specific machine determines its requirements. We had strived to meet the needs of every customer, and have added economic features into our designs.

Our drill rods have the advantage of being able to recut the DI-22 threads when necessary, giving them a more useful life. With the same purpose, our 8", 10", 11-1/4", 12-7/8" & 14-3/4" drill Rods have more shoulder area between connections comparing with conventional ones.

No Dig Drill Pipe


No dig drill pipe

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