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Integral Blade Stabilizer

Integral blade stabilizer is an important tool in the drilling engineering to control the well deviation. It can stabilize the drilling tools in the drilling process of oil, gas and geological exploration. It can increase the bit life, drilling speed and well bore quality. There are two kinds of integral stabilizers: spiral integral blade stabilizer and straight integral blade stabilizer.


Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer

Replaceable sleeve stabilizer consists of mandrel and sleeve. The function is the same as spiral integral blade stabilizer. It can suit to different hole sizes and increase working life by changing the different size sleeve. The sleeve is threaded on the mandrel, so the sleeve can be fasten to the mandrel tightly and changed easily.

Special Stabilizer with Reamer and Back-reamer

It can increase bit life, drilling speed and well quality. There are several cutting teeth special fixed at both ends of the blades. In this way, this stabilizer is cutting bidirectional when drilling and pulling out, to achieve the effect of repairing and maintaining the wall of a well, making trajectory of well bore as possible as ideal condition, even preventing the phenomenon of dogleg.

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