tool joint 

kelly & saver subs

drill pipe & pup joint

Heavyweight drill pipe

drill collar & non-magnetic collar

mine drilling tools

x-over subs


roller reamer

drilling jar

complete line fishing tools

the tubular running tools

power tong & HPU

manual tong 

Iron Roughneck



pneumatic spider 

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International marketing & sales 

Mr. Rory Song  | Beijing 

Sr. Vice President

Cell +86-135 8189 4916

Mr. Michael Zhang | Beijing

Deputy General Manager 

Cell +86-185 00079652


Mr. Shashi  Bhushan Singh | CIS 

Executive Representative

Cell +7 701 960 2942

Mrs. Linda Yu  |  Beijing 

Marketing & Sales Executive

 Cell +86-16713719853

Mrs. Angela Peng  |  Beijing 

Marketing & Sales Executive

 Cell +86-17865572526

A group of dedicated pro with expertise in drilling tubular, tools, and accessories are ready to provide world-class quality tools and services.

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Beijing Lucky Energy Equipment Co., Ltd
Unit 2306 Anzhen Building, 2 An Ding Men Wai Street, 100013, Beijing, China