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Beijing Lucky Energy Equipment Co., Ltd
Beijing, China


drill pipe solutions

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Beijing lucky energy equipment Co., ltd,

organized at early of 2020,

standing IADC membership, 

with primary focus on providing oil drilling industry with top quality

drill string solutions, 

by associating with well selected API Certified manufacturers

for drill pipe tool joint, drill pipe, heavy-weight drill pipe, pup joint, x-over subs, stabilizer, drill collar, short-drill collar, non-magnetic drill collar, drilling jar, down hole mud motor, roller reamer, torque reduction subs, and green pipe mills. 



Jiangsu Hexin Oil Co., Ltd

Heilongjiang Shuangjia Drill Tools Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Rushi Machinery Co., Ltd 

proven technology with new solutions

local manufacturing & certification

subcontracting with drilling contractor charging by feet drilled or downhole hours.

inspection & certification

repair and certification 



we are serving 

drill pipe distributors

drill pipe rental companies

drilling contractors

drill pipe repair companies

drill pipe manufacturers


Rory Song

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executive vice president & chief operation officer 

dedicated customer-oriented professional with strong entrepreneurship insight and team leadership.

well educated with oil industry, having deep understanding about what quality means for down hole drilling tools. 

able to see problem and find out solution

keep close watching increasing challenge of industry, foresee potential demand. 


Michael Zhang

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deputy general manager & chief technology officer  

oil industry veteran, strong technical background, well trained with API Standards, good at engineering for drilling equipment, tools, quality assurance and control, knows the products and materials, knows how to improve quality and performance,  passionate with new technology development, maintain close communication with engineers from site to find new challenge and knows customers new demand. 

vendors development and management, delivery assurance. 


Linda Yu

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sr. manager  | marketing & sales

10+ years international marketing & sales for oilfield equipment, tools and materials, with solid knowledge background from oil industry, understand customer's real concerns, knows customers' real need, able to offer correct solutions on time. 

sharpen mind with clear business sense, able to find the opportunity and transit the opportunity into real business. 

customer-care attitude, 

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Shashi Bhushan Singh

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executive  | marketing & sales

13 years drilling manager serving in an industry leading drilling companies working in CIS regions, with hands on experience from rig site, unparalleled understanding about what drilling people have been concerning about down hole drilling tools.

has been maintaining well trustable contacts with the suppliers, services providers in CIS region for oil drilling industry.

first class of professionalism


Vadym Kulyk

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executive  | marketing & sales

More than 30 years of experience in various positions in drilling and extractive industries. Extensive experience in participating in tenders.

Maintains reliable contacts with service providers in many regions of the world for the extractive industry. A professional in his field.