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Why Choose

Bluckee focus on providing oil drilling industry with top quality drill string solutions by associating with well selected API Certified manufacturers. Dedicated customer-oriented professional with strong entrepreneurship insight. Knows the products and materials, knows how to improve quality and performance, passionate with new technology development. Maintain close communication with engineers from site to find out solution. keep close watching increasing challenge of industry.

  • Technical Team:
    Leading by 30+ years’ professional chief engineer in a major of drilling rigs and equipment.  Well trained with API Standards.Strong quality assurance and control.

  • Support Team:
    With 15 years hands-on experience in drilling as drilling manager, unparalleled understanding about what drilling people have been concerning about drilling equipment and tools.

  • Delivery Team:  
    Experienced and skilled in international delivery by air/sea/railway, cooperate with china top 2 shipping companies, could delivery equipment and tools to most of port all over the world with best solution.
    Especially could send to any place in Sandi by DDP. 

Offering us a chance, You will obtain a wonderful experience in quality & cost-effective products & services. 

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