Drill Pipe

- More than 20 years’ experience


- Size from 2-3/8" OD to 6-5/8" OD

- With 95% remaining body wall & extra length tool joints

- Grade E-75, X-95, G-105, S-135 ( special grade is available)

- Good quality control and record every process step

- Full length quench and heart treatment

- length and smooth internal upset taper: Miu ≥140mm, Miu-R ≥300mm

- Hard banding or/and internal plastic coating are availbale

- Very competitive business price/terms

- Famous Intentional TPI applicable

Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe

- More than 20 years’ experience

- 35% of density steel pipe

- High flexibility;

- Higher strength-weight-ration than steel drill pipe

- Good corrosion resistance

- More suitable for extra deep well, horizontal well, corrosive medium well and directional well

- Non-magnetic

- Famous Intentional TPI applicable

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